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The City Chongqing

Chongqing is the only municipality of the four witch under the state council. The municipality was created on 14 March 1997 to help the Three Gorges Dam migration, include the former four administrative regions of Sichuan Province, Chongqing Municipality (sub-provincial), Fuling Municipality (prefecture level), Wanxian Municipality (prefecture level), Qianjiang Prefecture, total inhabitants within the administration is 30.48 million. The total 82,000 square kilometers divide into 38 sub-divisions, includes 26 districts and 8 counties, 4 autonomous counties. The urban area contains 9 districts, Yuzhong, Jiangbei, Nanan, Sahpingba, Jiulongpo, Ddukou, Yubei, Beibei, Banan. 


Chongqing first named Jiangzhou, with as capital of the State of Ba, hereafter named Yuzhou, Gongzhou, and finally Chongqing in Song Dynasty. During the Sino-Jaanpese War, from the year 1937 to the year 1945, Chongqing is the Provisional capital of China. Many factories were relocated from eastern China to Chongqing during the war, transforming this city from inland port to a heavily industrialized city. Several factories are nowadays automobile manufacturers. And Chongqing is one of the largest automobile and motorcycle manufacture center of China. Car & truck makers includes Changan, Changan-Ford, SGMW, Dongfeng, Changan-Suzuki locates plants in Chongqing, produces totally 3.16 million vehicles in the year of 2016, the output of vehicle industries takes 30.63% of the municipality’s total GDP.


Chongqing is a city with over 3000 years history, Chongqing has many historic sites: Luohansi Temple, Huguang Guild Hall, CiqikouAncientTown, Hechuan Diaoyucheng Fortress, Dazu Rock Carving. Chongqing is provisional Capital of China During Sino-Japanese war(1937-1945). There are many war-time buildings or sites in the urban areas,such asZhou Enlai's old residence, Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-Shek) old military headquarters, Zhang Zhizhong’S old residence, Song Qing Ling's Residence, Joseph Stilwell Residence. Most famous natural site are the three gorges, Jinfo Mountain, Simian Mountain, Jinyun mountain, Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea, A-peng River, etc…